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This website is a professional’s resource center that highlights tax efficient strategies for estate planning, succession planning & wealth management for high net worth clients and corporations. It is provided as a value-added reference source that augments the professional services of The Stewart Thomas Consulting Group and our support network of experienced and highly skilled industry experts. Our team specializes in providing your clients with the full spectrum of customized solutions to meet their unique circumstances employing a variety of sophisticated financial planning tools. We employ a team approach that blends our expertise with that of lawyers, accountants and tax specialists to form a consultative and collaborative relationship on behalf of our clients.

Each section of this website includes a “Client Discussion” section that is intended to provide your clients with a layman’s overview of the respective subject matter. This is followed by a “Professional Advisor” section that includes specific details to assist you in the development of tax efficient strategies for your clients. Each section also includes a series of case studies, articles and CRA Interpretation Bulletins that are relevant to the subject matter. Links to  our associate and CRA websites can also be found in each section.While the information on this website is not all-inclusive it does provide a variety of comprehensive estate planning, succession planning and wealth management strategies.

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Professional Insights

How to extract tax-free cash from your own company with a life-insurance transfer.
Strategy for professionals won’t be as attractive after 2016.

For self-employed professionals — such as doctors, dentists, lawyers and architects — the tax savings from using a personal or private corporation are well known. By incorporating their business, they can either retain earnings or pay dividends, thus managing the amount and timing of personal income taxes. A less well known but also effective tax-efficient strategy involves transferring life-insurance policies to the corporation. Read More….